Is it really the next big thing or just some other cool science thing?

IBM Q System One — The world’s first-ever circuit-based commercial quantum computer

So what is Quantum Computing and how does it gel with Machine Learning?

The basis of Quantum Computing relies on the concept of a qubit which denotes a super-positioned state of a normal bit. In layman terms, the bit can attain a state where it represents both 1 and 0 at the same time and that leads to the exponentially higher computational capabilities. Machine learning on massive data is quite hard as it leads to several problems such as over-fitting,
extra generalization and much more. With the computational power of a quantum computer, there will be no bounds untouched.

Machine Learning has a wide variety of approaches to solving problems. Some, if not…

They’re simple but powerful!

Writing blogs has become a new way to portray one’s technical prowess. The process is quite easy with platforms such as medium and it is a great way to produce helpful material for others to discover. This blog will cover 5 tools which will help you create better articles and save time in doing so.

And how they inspired me to pursue projects afterwards!

Just like everyone else, the lockdown had pushed me to explore something new. I was looking for some new avenues to improve my personal portfolio and so I applied to blog with TRN (The Research Nest). My main topic of focus was on Artificial Intelligence and I delivered 10 articles during the tenure. Here are my major takeaways from the experience —

  • The feedback received from Aditya (Founder of TRN) helped me understand where I lacked on technical aspects and how to keep readers engaged throughout the content.
  • I was complete unaware about the scope of artificial intelligence in general…

A place where you can really make a difference!

Do you wish to intern at places like Google and Walmart or be part of winning teams of international hackathon and publish research paper at top conference and journals? Then you are applying to the right place!

The Data Science Community will be opening its doors for you so you can become one of us and participate in funded projects, secure international internships, develop impactful products and much more!

Here’s everything you need to know to join this vibrant community of developers, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

There are 3 domains-

  • Technical
  • Corporate
  • Creatives

Sub-Domains are…

Soumya Snigdha Kundu

An aspiring machine learning researcher who writes a bit about the domain :) Editor-in-Chief @ DataX

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