5 Free tools to help you write better blogs

They’re simple but powerful!

Writing blogs has become a new way to portray one’s technical prowess. The process is quite easy with platforms such as medium and it is a great way to produce helpful material for others to discover. This blog will cover 5 tools which will help you create better articles and save time in doing so.


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The Statistics shown on the website

Word limits are always present when one is writing blogs professionally. Internships, project descriptions, all demand hard limits on the number of words one can use. Not only does this site have a simple interface but also several supporting stats such as keyword density and reading level. I personally find the Reading level and Keyword Density very useful as it helps me reach the desired audience and not bore them with repetitive words. Another great thing is that your work automatically saves on the site and you don’t even have to register.

QuillBot AI (Paraphrasing Tool)

Main functionalities of the tool

Strong diction is generally a required skill for drafting quality blogs. With QuillBot you can opt for better renditions of the same sentence to portray your thought flow. Many instances put authors stuck in interpreting a passage. This software can help them those situations. Creating an account will allow you a 1000 character limit and that should suffice for a blog of any length!

Plagiarism Checker (From Small SEO Tools)

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Plagiarism must be kept to the bare minimum for any blog. The blog value immediately becomes void if there is plagiarism involved. While the interface is a bit vague and the process takes time, this software gives you guaranteed plagiarism check. I even tried fooling it with basic sentence restructuring and other things and the checker is quite hard to fool. A must use for any blogger. There’s also a great limit of 1000 words which comes in quite handy for the longer essays. The plagiarism is provided through sentences and snippets and also the sites from where the plagiarism is copied from.

Sample output from the checker

Hemingway App

Site Interface

Hemingway App helps a writer structure their sentences properly and also give an account as to what’s happening within them. Getting the general idea of how your blog is flowing is quite important as you can develop insights as to what your blog lacks and whether there is a solid flow with your voice and tense. This is also quite useful when you are trying to write short snippets for your powerpoint presentations.


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Sample reformat through grammarly

Typos are quite common when writing blogs and are easy to miss as well. With grammarly you will never miss a single typo and also have a better suggestion for your word. A helpful feature is combing two words into one which makes one blog look more professional. It’s accessible via adding it to your browser.

Hope these tools help you in your next blog. If you want to continue the discussion, connect with me on linkedin :)

An aspiring machine learning researcher who writes a bit about the domain :) Editor-in-Chief @ DataX

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